August 13, 2008

my tiny and chaotic studio named Binal Sintal

One thing about my studio is actually its really dark.
No sunlight whatsoever could go inside it, therefore
I always put the lights on and pick the brightest lamp

Second thing, you hardly can see the floor because of
piles of things scattered all the times. I love it anyway.
And I still hope that I could buy a desk and a chair for
me to work inside it.


TIKA said...

the room is in desperate need of propper storage space miss vain... but then again, you always know where your things are amidst the chaos

sugar and cream said...

hello there. your room reminds me of my house in college when i still had blue hair.

i kinda miss it

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Ah... I wish I have my own studio...

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