March 19, 2010

me and vintage stuff: such a temptation

Imagined being staring at by all these beauties
for 12 hours! I tried so hard not even to take a peek
but at the same time I know that if I'm going to
spend some money on them that will be a BIG one!

I have been so lucky too to meet all these vintage
sellers in person because apparently they are in
such a big community and regularly selling stuff
at all kind of venues. May we met again my new


Maddie said...

Great photos! If I were there, oh, i'd probably buy everything I saw. You're so lucky to be around vintage vendors!!! I bet you had a field day!

vantiani said...

Maddie, I will show you what I have bought from them a day before so that you understand why I should not let myself get carried away in two days straight. lol.

thanks much for loving my photos! hugs!

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