March 17, 2010

me and holiday : my table display

I spent Monday and Tuesday shared a table with some
comic friends at a mall. We share the space with some
awesome vintage sellers also and I had such a great time!

Not only I have tons of sales on the second day, but
I also meet so many new and old friends! Plus one 
exciting custom order! Thanks much, my friends!


dindie said...

oh lucky you, Ika...:)

vantiani said...

iya, bergelimang keberuntungan sangathari itu. alhamdulillah:)

Bethany said...

Wow...This looks really pretty! I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT LOADS! x

vantiani said...

Oh Bethany, thank you! Honestly I feel I should have done much better with my display:D

Bethany said...

You have been awarded with a blog award! Take a peek:

Congrats for your beautiful blog!
~ Bethany x

vantiani said...

Whoa! Bethany! Thanks much! Yay!

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