July 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday

This is another busy and fullfilling Sunday with the sun shining
just right. I wento to my favorite craft supplies market and take
a short walk to another market looking for some vintage tea cups
where I found a second hand Scrabble set in a perfect condition!
Yay! Yay! Oh have I told you that me and the boy are hopeless
scrabble junkies?

Then I went back home making some new crafts to put at a friend's
craft shop afterwards. Meeting her for a big bowl of noodle and my
caramel latte intake for the day, before going back home to go to a
gig with the boy and our friends. Finishing the day by playing two
rounds of Scrabble until three in the morning. I know, what a long
day today. Awesomeness. Now, tell me yours.


ΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗ said...

i like these vintage cups . I want a cuple of theme but you are so far away and my English is....
Good night from Athens

vantiani said...

Oh good morning you, from Athens!
I'm so happy to know that you love my pincushions!

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