July 6, 2009

me and crafts : making pincushions!

I will shamelessly admit that I am really proud of these ladies.
I have been thinking of making a new crafts forever and when
you are surround yourself with bunches of amazingly crafty
friends you can't help to feel a bit leave behind everytime you
see them come up with their new craftworks. Envy is good.

So last week I've start to draw a picture of a teacup pincushion
everytime I go to my fave flea market and see scattered of these
teacups almost everywhere. And here they are, four of them,
since yesterday. Not bad for a first attempt, right? Teehee!


littlepapoose said...

cute idea! *applauds*

vantiani said...

Oh thank you so much!
Happy you love it!


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