June 3, 2009

me and collection: vintage song books!

I found these song books at this tiny second hand book shop
near the previous music corner of my lover. The seller is
a good friend of his and he has definitely an interesting
curator for his shop. Everytime he sees me he will always
smile and call me out waving some books that he knows
will excites me. Haha!

They are from 1950s and the insides and back covers also
pictures with those Hollywood stars from those era. The size
of each of this book is A5 and really thin. I'm so lucky to find
them seven of them still in a perfect vintage condition. Yay!


yoborobo said...

Those are great! I love those faded colors. :)

our little love nest said...

They are so fun! I still didn't receive the print you sent :( I hope everything is lovely for you today and that the adorable print arrives here soon. ;)

vantiani said...

Good morning, Ladies!
Thank you for leaving your lovely comments! And Dee, I'll definitely send you another one if this one fail to arrive.

Hugs Hugs!

our little love nest said...

It arrived!! YAY!!! How fun are you!!!! Thank you!! So worth the wait, sweet girl! I love it and the extra pieces. You are such a sweetie!

our little love nest said...

I linked your shop up on our post today. Thanks again!!!

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