June 4, 2009

me and collage: an old poetry book

I named her Lili. I made her out of an old thick notebook. At that
time I don't even know that these things called collage. I think I
slowly making her since 2000 starts with either written a poem
first or put the pictures first. I haven't been putting a new piece
on Lili for a year now although I'm still writing lots of poetry and
lyrics in my laptop named Daphne Descend. Yes, I named my
fave stuff. Don't you do the same sometime too?

Lili is more like a diary to me. Therefore I have been really picky
on whom that I share her with. Apart from my poetry, I also put
some poetry that my little sister or some long distance girlfriends
sent me, some poetry or lyrics from others that I like and
of course sometimes just for the sake of putting some lines that
I like with pictures on them. Now I'm thinking of making them
into art prints for my bed room. Hmmm....

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