June 2, 2009

me and friends: La Curioshar!

My mega crafty girlfriend of mine, Miss Sunya Raw, just
opened her new etsy shop yesterday. Look at those prints!
Aren't they all drop dead gorgeous! Miss Raw also a very
prolific writer, illustrator and crafter. Her shop is here

Oh have I told you that she's also the one who makes my
etsy banner shop? Now you know how good she is, right?
Congrats on the new shop, Miss Raw! You rock.


dindie said...

miss sunya-raw makes my jaws ache...

vantiani said...

you should check her illustrations also. her painting portraits on cutting boards are just so gorgeous and they are being sell at www.bikinbarang.blogspot.com;)

This Sunday Child said...

thanks for the feature Ika

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