May 12, 2009

me and collage : a really challenging project

this piece keep me awake until three in the morning
last week right before i went to bali. this must be
awarded the most challenging collage of the month
for the pressure it brings me all week to finished it.
a bestfriend would like to proposed this collage after
being relayout by him to be an artwork for one of
the best local band tshirt. now you know why, right?
he loves it and now i can't wait to see the finished
design. yay! thank you bestfriend! love you.

PS: It's approved by the band! And that will be my
first collage that turn into a t shirt! Yay!


Jeanne Selep said...

Isn't it great to stay up late and finish a creative project? Enjoy Bali!

vantiani said...

Hey, Jeane!
Yes! Yes staying up late to finish a creative project is soo addictive! I'm back to Bali already and now keep staying up late for a new big collage piece that I just can't wait to finish! yay!

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