June 24, 2010

Trade Thursday: stavroula

When stavroula said if I would be interested to trade with her
of course I quickly I said yes! But afterwards I am also find out
how great she is with her customer service! So glad to meet you
from etsy and thanks much for trading with me!

Saya sedang membutuhkan sebuah hadiah ulang tahun untuk
adik saya yang suka memakai anting dan kalung, sehingga
waktu stavroula mengajak saya barter waktu kami bertemu di
chatting etsy tentu saja saya tidak menolaknya! Terimakasih ya!


pkk023 said...

Hi Vantiani
Your selected work and job are really always most appreciable. I was just trying to bring them to twitter on my profile too to find them my all friends so that they may also look them and you may get more appreciations. Your tweets were secret, so it was denied. Well as you find it fine.

KristiMcMurry said...

Lucky! I love her necklaces like that top one! I've had my eye on them for a while :)

Spacejams Vintage said...

great things you got!! =)

Tara Amelz said...

so when are we going to do that pompom swap ;D

Mi Joya said...

Yay for trading!!
I love that last necklace!!
Which piece did you get?

vantiani said...

I got myself that pretty brooch and an earring for my sister. I always love brooch with flowers on them:)

Ini sedang dibuat pom pomnyaaa! Weekend ini mestinya kelar. Kemaren belum sempat mengemailmu maaf!

Tara Amelz said...

Okayyyyyyy... hihihihi

Andi Lia said...

Keren banget...craft swap memang menyenangkan :)

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