June 25, 2010

me and my sister : she is my Ra

Dear Ra,
Thank you for that surprise late birthday that you gave me.
Thank you for that handwritten letter that comes with it too,
since I just realized how long it has been since the last time
I see your handwriting (I know its only been four months ago).
I would like to let you know how much I love having you 
as my sister. How grateful I am that every time meeting you
is like having this shower of inspirations in every second of 
time we spend together. You are so much fun to dance with
in this life of ours and I just can't wait to meet you again soon.

Huge Hugs,

Your number one sister.


This Sunday Child said...

Wah Esti jelita sekali ya dengan rambut panjangnya! Aku hampir pangling

vantiani said...

Iyaaa! Beda sekalii yaaa!
Foto itu yang motret adek gue dari bokap yang kemaren ke ubud. Fotonya bagus bagus deh!:d

Dindie said...

iya esti cakep saya naksir...hihihihi

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