May 12, 2010

me and malacca : Jongker Street

I have to came back to this one street at Malacca
called Jongker Street only to take pictures under the sun.
Because I am so in love with almost everything about this street
that at night on weekends held a big street market
selling food, crafts, vintage and other goodies.
I will share you what I bought from that market

Oh I rarely drink iced coffee during this Singapore and
Malaysia trip because they have that one ice tea
with milk called Teh Tarik. They are so good!
I will definitely be back for it!


This Sunday Child said...

Melaka hadoh berat ya ikaaa.....
aku ke Jonker cuma pas malem, I am so jealous that you get to spend a night and a full day there....
Lovely lovely pics, thanks for posting them Ika
Let's go back there again someday....

vantiani said...

Iya, let's go back Shali!
And I am sooo excited that we both could travel this year and share the pictures on our blog. See you soon ya!

Jessica Xu said...

i found u on newest PROVOKE and adore your job! :D
can u tell me how to be featured on provoke cover? do u send ur artwork first or being recommended by provoke itself? thank u ;)

keep on the good job.

vantiani said...

Hey, Jessica! What a sweet surprise visit!
Welcome to my blogsphere, new friend:)

Now, on doing the cover for Provoke magazine, I did offer them my artwork from last year but until months later I finally get the chance to do it.

So I guessed its better to introduce your work first to them and they will let you know about it.
Goodluck ya!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Dindie said...

ngikut dong ya mbak...teh tarik seger bener.

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