April 12, 2010

Sunny Sunday

This is a kind of sunday that when you woke up
sleepy but when you decide to push yourself to
get out early from your house and you were
so glad you did that. Yes, it was that kind of Sunday.
Making art with the girls after a quick trip to that
one particular big second hand market.

I hope your Sunday was as rad as mine, peeps!:)



Oh! I love those bags! And the collages are so colorful! :)

Dindie said...

pocuhnya aku naksir yang garis-garis dan karya-karyanya CAKEEEEEEPPPPP!

Hmmm... said...

Waa.. warnanya 'keluar' semua ya.. I had a great time 'Ka. Seru berasik2 dengan kertas. Kalau ada kumpul2 lagi aku diajak dung.. hehe!

vantiani said...

@Jane: Those bags are for those who shop my stuff so that I don't have to use plastic bag:)

@Dindie: Itu pouchnya nggak dijual soalnya buat bungkus kalo orang beli barangku:D

@Grace! See you on our next artsy party ya! you rule!

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