March 30, 2010

me and sewing : our mobile seamster

I am so proud to present you our mobile seamster
(is that the right word?).He will be easily spot on
cycling his sewing machine among those small
rural stress in Jakarta ready to take your orders
and finished them on the spot!

The kind of service that he's very popular at
usually from shortening your jeans.But today
I want him to repair my lover's ripped pants,
shorten my dress, repair my vintage tote and
also make me some pincushions!


dindie said...

I love them too, Ika! I always preparing a pile of torn jeans or need-to-be-shorten pants, and it's really cheap. "Vermak levi's dan halus"

vantiani said...

I wish there are also seamstress among them though:)

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