January 7, 2010

me and my sister : her love nest

I know should have tell you all earlier but everything
just so quick and so many things to prepare! But now
since I'm about to settle in a new nest in Ubud, Bali
with my second succulent sister...Yes, you heard me.
I decide to live in Bali this January.

My sister lives in this one room hut by a small forest
in a big Balinese family house complex. Look how
lucky she is! And since there are so many fruit trees
like rambutan, durian and mangosteen around it...
we have never have a shortage of fresh fruit! Yay!


Car Farm Creations said...

How wonderful... and no snow!Oh i'm green with jealousy.

KristiMcMurry said...

Wow! Enjoy your january in paradise!!!

vantiani said...

Thank you, ladies!

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