October 6, 2009

Trade Tuesday : Karenohbuddy

That cat woman collage frame is what brought my
attention when it's being the main visual of one of
etsy's blog posts. And that's what I got from Karen
for our swap! Yay! Aren't her collage frames rad?
Oh how glad I am that we met! Yay!

Karen loves animals, oddities, fruits and veggies.
And I think she mixes them perfectly in her craftworks.
I received my frame with a bunch of her postcards
and paper scraps too! Go check her shop at
http://www.Karenohbuddy.etsy.com, peeps!


Erica said...

those frames are really cool! nice feature/trade :)

vantiani said...

Thank you, Erica!
I'm so happy to find another new fan of Karen's craftworks:)

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