October 7, 2009

me and my etsy : a new postcard!

Please Don't Cry postcard + envelope! Thanks to an etsian,
I could finally able to make it out of one of everyone's fave.
So happy! What do you think? It's only a dollar, you know:)

Now, if I wanna make another postcard out of my collages,
would you like to help me choose? Thank you, peeps!
Meanwhile, this is the listing for this postcard at the shop


'IcHa' said...

a big bottle of magic carrots, please???

vantiani said...

Pilihannya menarik sekali!
Kalo gue bisa bikin cuman satu buat loe gue bikinin deh Cha:D

dindie said...

ika...it's really a pleasure to meet you this afternoon...dan aku senaaaaaaangg sekali mendapat satu postcardmu ini....sungguh. *berbinar-binar*

vantiani said...

We should meet up soon and spend all day bikin bikin ya! hugs!

dindie said...

i showed your works to my mum and she adored it so much...especially "don't be sad"

dindie said...

oh I mean "please don't cry"...I'm sorry.

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