October 12, 2009

me and collages : two newbies at the shop!

I am soo happy that I'm able to make these two
because I think I took a bit way too long break
after the long holiday last month that makes me
struggling to start making collages again. That
four scissors piece is a paper swap I did with
Arent't they rad together?

And I have been really really happy to be able
to make new pieces again after a long holiday
last month. Woot! Have a good week everyone!


Eugenia Gina said...

waaah , akhirnya nemu yang seperti blog ini, salam kenal ya.. :D like your stuff very much!

vantiani said...

Hey, Eugenia Gina! (What a cool name, btw) Salam kenal juga ya! Always love to encounter new friend from around the corner:)

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