September 8, 2009

Trade Tuesday : LibertyAspen

I am a scrabble junkie. That's my lover and I fave game
of all time. So one day when I found LibertyAspen shop
for one missng scrabble tile I am so happy! I quickly order
one tile, yes, just one. But when I convo her about my order,
I'm also asking if she'd be interested to trade with me since
she has such a wonderful vintage shop! And she said yes!

So I choose to trade with that awesome sets of Bingo cards
(I know exactly what I want to do with them!) and more
scrabble tiles! Of course. Thank you so much, Jackie!
I'm so glad I found your!


AuroraRose said...

love those pink luggage tags!!

vantiani said...

Aren't they pretty! Jackie make them herself, you know?

noomiedoodlesfashion said...

omg thats the most original bingo cards ive ssen by far!.

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