September 9, 2009

me and collection : napkins and tea towels

Yes, I love fabrics. Therefore everytime I go to
second hand market I always buy any fabrics with
interesting patterns or motifs. They could be hankies,
bandana, tea towels, napkins, calendar or any other
pieces of fabric.

Later on some of them could be pillow cases, pouches
or any other stuff that I think will make the fabrics
will be more useful for me or my friends. Well, I
could even sell them at a craft shop or just to my
friends at the office. Oh fabrics, how I love thee!


Anonymous said...

Hey hun! Nice blog, just stopped by to show some Etsy love from the chat! Don't forget to enter my contest, all you've gotta do is follow my blog and comment and you'll be entered! Goodluck!

yoborobo said...

Me, too! I love fabrics and pick them up everywhere I go. I love old tea towels (linen ones). Yours are beautiful! xox Pam

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