July 14, 2009

Trade Tuesday : Our Little Love Nest

I met Dee from http://www.ourlittlelovenest.etsy.com/
when we were commenting on of my friend's blog. Since
we have been convoing (is there such a term?) each other
through etsy and one day decide to have an art print swap.

What I love about Dee apart from her craftworks, is how
inspiring she is as a mother to four of her children. From
that she has the kind of 'happy mommy aura' that I adore.

That first piece there is mine now and I am so glad we met.
Dee, thank you for our swap. Thank you for being you.

1 comment:

our little love nest said...

Thank you so much!! You are so sweet! I sent you a little message in etsy. xo

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