July 13, 2009

( A sweet) Sunny Sunday

and two of her friends organized our first knitting festival
in Jakarta this weeked. It took place at 0ne huge amazing
banking museum at the north which I think is such a perfect
choice for this event. There are workshops, discussions,
bazaar and any other fun activities there and how glad I am
to be able to come on the second day.

I met an old friend, Sam, who is apparently a male knitter!
That's him sitting in the middle among other male knitters,
they just finished sharing their experiences with others on
the discussion on being a male knitter. I will share you what
I got from this wonderful event on a different post, allright?
I had one sweet sunny Sunday indeed. Now, tell me yours.


skunkboycreatures said...

That sounds soooo wonderful! I need to go stay w/my Amy so I can come and visit!


vantiani said...

Oh Katie! Yes! That would be so so cool! Let me know when you will finally come here! Yay!



Melisa Sriwulandari said...

It was sweet because of me right? heeheehee.... :D

vantiani said...

Melisa! Look forward for your next event ya! Congrats for you and the girls! Yay!

our little love nest said...

What a great idea! We spent Sunday going out for coconut white mochas, eating a chocolate chip pancake brunch and being lazy. xo

vantiani said...

Dee! Wow! Such a yummy sunday! Love it! Thank you so much for coming by, such a sweet surprise:)


Anonymous said...

ika!! who made those knitted cacti?? and how do i get in touch with them? i LOVE them!!
ps. missing fabrics but happy crafting stop motion magic! hope you're well xoxo

vantiani said...

Hana! What a surprise!
I will send you a long email ya!


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