July 16, 2009

me and sellers: plastic plushies

In Jakarta, I love that I still seeing a street toy vendor
like this one walking around my house area. It's usually
a man who builds a display made of wood and some rattan
sticks to put all those balloons plushies, paper toys and other
toy goodies that either they make it themselves or bought
from someone else in a few amount.

I certainly hope this kind of toy sellers still be around for
sometime because I just love their paper crafts and those
small balls in bold colors. They always reminds me of my
childhood years.


yoborobo said...

Hi Ika! These photos are gorgeous - I love these colors. I think these are your colors, too, aren't they? I see some of them in your work. :) I hope they are around for a long time, too. xox Pam

vantiani said...

Good morning,Pam!
It's always really lovely to find your comment in the morning when I just open my blog like this.

Have a wonderful weekend ya,


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