July 17, 2009

me and blog: a new column every Saturday!

I believe scissor is one of our favorite tool as artists and crafters.
Heck, I couldn't even imagine living without it! Right?
So, starting next Saturday I will have a new column called
Scissor Saturday, where I will show my fave scissor and a story
about it. And of course I invite you all to join me! Yay!

Just send me pretty pictures on your fave scissors and
stories on them either when you bought it or all those intimate
moments the two of you shared after all these times.
Anything. And of course there will be a special something
for you that joins! Oh this is exciting!


Erica said...

cute idea! I do believe that almost everything you make requires scissors! (:

vantiani said...

Yes! That's so true, Erica!
Oh I can't wait to spend my weekend shooting scissors! LOL.


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