July 29, 2009

me and collages : Headless Songstress CD

One of the most amazingly talented best friend of mine, Tika,
just launched her second album after five years. This long
awaited album means so much to me in so many ways.
Not only I wrote one song in it but also my collages are in the
CD covers and sleeves!

But the best part of this CD is how beautifully packaged it is!
It's in a form of a note book inside a floral fabric pouch.
Way pretty. I'm so so happy to be involve on this gorgeous
piece of art. Congratulations, Tika! Thank you so much!

More of her music at www.suaratika.com and
you could see some of my collages in it too:)


Rain said...

Vantiani! i just bought this album yesterday and it is amazing, i keep listening it over and over. your collages are beautiful (: which song did you write?

vantiani said...

Tentang Petang.

And Rain, I LOVE your 'Smoking With God' piece. You are just mindblowingly talented!

How are you?


Rain said...

Oh my god, Tentang Pentang is one of the best songs in the album I listen to it over and over again! I almost know all the words in that song. You are an amazing songwriter.

Thankyou so much, hihhi :D I'm fine, and you?

misteriousart said...

now wait a minute, is this blog belongs to the amazing and a very good friend of mine Ika Vantiani? kenapa baru sekarang gue liat ya? silly me...

maafkan temanmu yang telat ini ya


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