May 8, 2009

me and you: i'm back and i miss you all!

Spending three days in a yoga camp with my sister is definitely
one of the best holiday i have ever had in years. I literally
spending every single day dancing, eating and chatting with
many beautiful new friends and old friends surrounded by
greenery all over me.

I sold many of my blank cards, promoting my collages to so many
new people and got myself a big project for august or september
for this amazing female solo artist from Kuala Lumpur! Oh my!
How I am so honored! I will share with you later all about it;)


Grandma62 said...

I realy love the art you make.

vantiani said...

Hey! Hello Dear Granny!
Thank you so much! I really love your postcards too! They all so beautiful and inspiring for a vintage junkie like me:D

Have an inspiring day!

Jeanne Selep said...

It's amazing how much you can experience in a short time when you go to a unique camp like you attended. There is rarely time to write all about it.

vantiani said...

I totally agree with you Jeane.
I wish I could write like a short journal about it, instead I write about that one particular guy;)

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