April 3, 2009

me and zine: a dream come true workshop

last saturday I had a zine workshop for Femme, an independent
organization of 25 women related to drugs and HIV/AIDS. they
had this gorgeous arpirella exhibition for a week as you can see
from all these photos and the workshop is part of it as the ending.

it's such a small and warm yet fun workshop. after i gave a short
introduction and stories on zine itself, i have also invite a
girlfriend of mine that also making zine to share her experiences.
afterwards, we all busy cutting, gluing and eating our lunch while
making our zine.

there were 8 zines being presented at the end of the workshop.
mostly personal zines that deals with homosexuality, parents,
motherhood and love. oh how grateful and proud I am of them!
thank you so much girls! you all rock!

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