March 12, 2009

me and etsy: new stampy blank cards! yay!

what do you think of all these new blank cards?
do you they will make a pretty product tags too?
oh how i have been obsessed with stamps lately.
and if only you could see all of those piles of stamp
in our living room this morning:)

i will make more stamp series cards and tags for
my shop, so please come by often.


yoborobo said...

They're beuatiful, Ika. Are you printing copies of the stamps? Or are these real stamps on the cards? I love stamps, too! :)

vantiani said...

Hey, Pam!
I used real stamps on the cards and scanned them.

Would you like to trade some cards with stamps all over them sometime?
That sounds like a good (swap experiment) collage project, don't you think?


cutiepie company said...

Those are very pretty! I think they look great!

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