February 18, 2009

me and collages: those lovely lessons...

* i tend to work in series either i plan it or not
* i fall in love all over again with stamps and post office
* i am still reluctant to make bigger piece although i have started
this month and i'm pretty excited with the results
* i wish i have tried to use more fabrics
* i love trying out my collages on different medium and turn
them into new stuff.
* i found that my lover is a way better collage artist than myself
* i still haven't try to use more cutting boards and card boards
* i wish i could make more ACEOS
* i love swapping my collages with other collage or craftworks
* i have found some awesome friends through swapping

So, what have you learned from your own craftworks?


Pam said...


I've found that I can paste fabric onto bristol board and then cut it into shapes, and paste it onto my collage!

And I've found that it's very hard to know when enough is enough - to leave some 'space' in my pieces.

vantiani said...

Oh Pam! That sounds like an interesting experiments! And I totally agree on the second one, I am still struggling in making that decision too!


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