January 5, 2009

Me and collages: A new series for kids!

It's interesting to realize that when I made this series
I keep having kids in my mind. Kids room, kids party,
and other kids related activities. I am so glad to always
have a pile origami papers around my chaotic studio
because I find out that each origami papers set that
they sell here has totally different set of colors!

Some of these will be available at my etsy and
some others will be made into postcards! Yay!
And actually there are other new series that I made
during last long holiday. I will share them with you
later this week since I have another interesting
collage project on my blog this year starting this month.
Wait and see dearie!:)


Alice said...

brilliant work!

vantiani said...

Alice! Thank you so much!
Glad you like my new series, I'm having a blast too making them:)

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