June 10, 2010

Trade Thursday : elSage

I always have a soft spot for any hand printing art
such as these one here by elSage . Aren't they just
so cool? So imagined my excitement when she said
that she would like do an art swap with me!
Thanks much, Phoebe! Your art rocks, my friend!

Saya selalu suka karya seni dengan menggunakan
tehnik cetak manual seperti ini. Karenanya bayangkan
kegembiaraan saya waktu Phoebe dari elSage bertanya
apakah saya mau bertukar karya dengannya! 
Terimakasih, Phoebe!


KristiMcMurry said...

I love her work! I follow her on twitter. Congrats on the trade!

vantiani said...

Kristi! I am so glad that you pop in so that I remember what I need to convo you on that idea that I told you about on the last etsy chat we had!

Have an inspiring day, my friend!

*Off to write you a convo

elSage said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention Vantiani! I'm so excited to get my trade from you.
Just so readers have the link I'm now at http://www.elsagedesigns.com

And Kristi, thanks for following!

vantiani said...

Phoebe! What a surprise! I was about to email you and you already here! Lol.
Wait for my art will ya! Hugs!

Mi Joya said...

What an interesting and fun thing to do, these art trades!!
I met you on etsy chat earlier today and took some time to check your blog now, and i'm loving it! Yay for your creativity!!

you've got yourself a new follower ;-)

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