June 5, 2010

me and my etsy : A Halloween Card Pack

Isn't better to prepare earlier for Halloween this year?
This is a pack of four Halloween cards available at
my old sweet shoppe ready for your spooky party!

Mari mempersiapkan Halloween lebih dini tahun ini!
Dengan satu set kartu Halloween yang saya buat dari
sampah kemasan dan sudah bisa dibeli disini . Boo!


feransis feransis said...

mau yang atas, huhuhu...

Dindie said...


vantiani said...

Francis, yang diatas ada EMPAT. Nomor berapa yang kamu mau kawanku?

Cieee! Dindie kalo liat burung pasti demen deh! Hahahaha!

feransis feransis said...

nomor satuuu.

gagaaaaaakkk! (juga)

pkk023 said...

Hello Vantiani
I've already appreciated your choice and your making the things so charming and attractive. It's really a matter of great pleasure to 've such a good and lovely person as a friend. I've now become your one of the great fans. If you permit me I may say undoubtedly you are a very good person with so many good qualities.

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