May 26, 2010

me and post office: 4 x 4

I always takes pictures of my packages after they
got stamped at the post office. I think I am the only
one who likes doing that but at the same time I always
find those officers are very helpful about my photo session

These four were taken last week of my etsy orders and
I can't wait to show my bunch of this week that I just
sent away this morning! Yay for mailing stuff!


Andi Lia said...

Aduh, packagingnya lutuu :)

vantiani said...

ini bikin nyiapin setiap paket rasanya jadi kayak bikin karya. Lama tapi menyenangkaaaan! hehehe!

Mi Joya said...

Wow!! Lovely packages!! I think it's cool that you take pics after they got stamped! I bet the people in the post office at my place would give me angry looks when i would want to do that!

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