March 23, 2010

me and exhibition : me and my rad friends in Bandung

I had this small but intimate and warm exhibition
at a DIY gig organized by some great friends in
Bandung (a small city next to Jakarta) for my
lover's band. It took place on this pretty old
building and I share space with some old
zines collections, tshirts and gig fliers being made
by this organizers before. Such a good Sunday!


Resatio Adi Putra said...

wah pameran nya di bandung nya dimana nya ya? pengen liat

vantiani said...

Cuman kemaren sabtu sama minggu aja di dua tempat berbeda. Sabuga sama di gedung indonesia menggunggat.

dindie said...

eh eh astagaaa...itu kotak apa manis banget dikasih gift tag...*ngiler-ngiler*

rocking pop loser said...

karya2nya semakin mengagumkan ika :)

Alison said...

Thank you for sharing your photos with us. You have lovely thoughts and posts :)

vantiani said...

Hey, Kenji! Such a wonderful surprise! Oh thank you so much for loving them. It means alot! Hugs!

And Alison, thank you for coming by often:)

MEI SULING said...

yaaaa, gak sempat lihat...telat baca...hiks :(

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