October 14, 2009

me and blogsphere : being featured!

I remember when I first met Katie on an etsy chat.
She showed me her wedding pictures and story.
Beautifully inspiring, I tell you. Afterwards we met
again and again and she bought some of my cards.
And I follow her blog for more of her inspiring
love and life journey, plus her photography of course.
See what I mean?


yoborobo said...

Hi Ika!

I haven't checked in with you in a long time. Hope you are well - your art is amazing! So fun to see the new things! take care - xo Pam

katrina and the king said...

oh, THANKS Vantiani! Last night reminded me of when I first met you in chat awhile ago as well :) Thank-you for telling about my work. Your artwork is one of my favorite styles! (In fact, I often debate if I should just buy your Christmas cards, or make my own. Maybe half and half?) ;)

vantiani said...

Hi, Pam! Hugs!
I really love your latest black and white skull doll! It rocks!

And Katie, I think half half is a brilliant idea;)

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