September 30, 2009

me and work : one homey shoot

I have taken these pictures since last year
for a shoot in a house where we stay on the
front yard area. If I'm not mistaken, there is
this thick plastic roof and under the sun light
everything looks like this.

Oh, have I told you that I quit my office job?
Yes, my last day will be on the 30th of October
and afterwards after going overseas with my
mother I will start my freelance and craftwork
business! Yay! Wish me luck, peeps!


noomiedoodlesfashion said...

i like the colours on the pics. wow u quit your job? its like those etsy 'quit your day job' series.. hee hee.. wishing you luck on your full time crafty sales! :D

Spacejams Vintage said...

I wish you best of luck =) You need to write to Etsy, saying that you quit your day job! )(

vantiani said...

Ladies! Thank you so much for the wishes! Hugs!

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