August 11, 2009

Trade Tuesday : Wildanimus

Embroidery by Wildanimus. They all just gorgeous.
I mean, look at that pincushion! And I was so glad that
I met her from early days when I just joined etsy and
start to addicted to etsy chat.

That red tiny deer is mine now and I still remember
how impressed my lover was when the first he saw it.
Heck, we both were in awe! Just check her etsy at
be in awe too. Thanks much for the trade! Yay!


Tanya said...

Aww, thanks for the little feature! I visited your Etsy shop a few days ago and couldn't believe how successful you've been. I can't believe I was one of your first transactions. I am always in awe of your collages. You have such talent!

vantiani said...

Oh Tanya! You just make my day by this post! I'm so glad we met through etsy! Yay! Hugs!

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