August 25, 2009

me and their home : my ballerina cards

bought my ballerina blank cards earlier this year.
She has a daughter that runs this dance course and she
finds these cards just perfect for her. But instead of using
those cards to be send to people, look what have they done!

Oh I'm soo hapy to see this! It's an entrance window to
the course and it feels like unusually cute gallery for those cards.
Don't you think? Thanks much, Georgiamarbles!


yoborobo said...

Hi Ika!!!

Those are so cute - they look adorable in the windows!

Love Pam

vantiani said...

Hugs! So happy to read your comment! Yes, aren't they fab?

georgiamarbles said...

Woooo hooo!!! thanks for posting the windows !! I LOVE them!! they are hanging in the ebntrance hallway of the Rhythym In Motion Dance Centre in Ada Ohio!!!
Thanks again Georgia (georgiamarbles)

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