August 31, 2009

me and my etsy : On Sale Section!

All of them here are now on my On Sale section
at the shoppe. Together with other originals, cards
and art prints. Some big sale here, peeps! I mean it.
Every once awhile I will add more stuff to that
section. Oh my!

It's a perfect time to have this section together with
my new marvelous etsy banner. Yes, you should check
it out. It rocks, I tell you.


Sandy said...

Love your Etsy shop!

vantiani said...

Oh, hi Sandy!
Thank you for making me smile so big this late evening. Hugs!

AuroraRose said...

nice new etsy banner!!

vantiani said...

Yes, isn't it just so awesome?
Thank you so much, AuroraRose!

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