July 9, 2009

me and markets : night cake market

I'm so glad that I went to this market with my mother last week.
I had been here before but that was like years ago, so I'm
completely forget how amazing this whole market was actually.

Imagined you are surrounded by boxes and boxes of cakes
and pastries in a really long alley with people shopping and
dropping of another boxes and boxes of cakes in plastics or
already wrap in pretty paperie ready to be send as gifts or
wedding celebrations. This night market has been established
for almost a decade and there are two groups of sellers
every night. The one at starts at 8 PM - 2 AM and the second
group is from 3 AM-9 AM. I wish I could take more pictures
but I just couldn't stand to be moved around with that many
people there. Oh how I love Jakarta's markets! Yay!


yoborobo said...

Oh, I could do some damage there, Ika! :) What great pictures. I hope you didn't eat too many sweets! xox Pam

vantiani said...

Pam! I don't eat at all! It's way too mindblowing seeing so many foodies there and they all look so so yummy!


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