June 8, 2009

What a Sunny Sunday!

We woke up at six by the breakfast knocks on our door.
A hot bowl of egg and noodle. Yum. We quickly take a bath
and went straight to the market. We thought of looking some
second hand stuff but instead we went from one big toys shop
to another. It's interesting how toys seemed like a big business
on this small city. Oh the city called Kuningan
(it means Yellowish, in English. No kidding.) in West Java,
close to the Ciremai mountain.

Next, we went to this place where there are some relics from
2500 AD being found here in 1972 and then we went back to
the city for another stroll on the market looking for lunch
before going back to the hotel and start our journey back
to Jakarta. It's six hours bus ride but it's worth every single
minute of it. Thanks bunches to my love for such an interesting
trip for my birthday this year. Yay!


dindie said...

did you buy any of these things? i miss those balun tiup...do you ever wonder what they really made of?

traveling with our boys always makes us cheerie.

vantiani said...

A friend at the office buy a pack the other day and we played all day. I really, really love the packaging actually. I even made one piece of collage with it.

Hey, that's a good thought. What they really made of ya? Haha!

Good day Dindie,


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