April 7, 2009

me and etsian: moonshinewashingline

being a indonesian etsian i realize how rare it is to
have the opportunity to meet another etsian outside
of this country. so imagined my surprise when hana,
a friend that i've been only met once before, sending
me etsy email!

i know hana from a girlfriend. at that time she was
visiting jakarta and we planned a DIY event together.
unfortunately the event didn't happened until she
has to leave for another trip. so we never afterwards
although i read her blog once and awhile and wishes
she was here to be part of my crafthop with the girls.

hana lives between jakarta, new zealand, portland
and god knows where else. we finally be able to meet
again last january on another visit of her here. i'm
really happy to show the shop and she even wrote
an article on the shop and jakarta DIY movement
in general.

yes, hana make hats. and undies.and
other awesome goodies. go see her etsy now.

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