April 27, 2009

me and collage : My first ACEO exhibition!

I've been invited to join this ACEO exhibition at the Flemish
House Art Gallery in Pennsylvania from April-June 2009.
I met Stephanie,the gallery owner and also an etsian,
through etsy chat. My first ACEO exhibition and it's in the
other side of the planet! Oh my!

There are 9 original pieces of each artist will be exhibited, and
I spend last weekend finished them all. What a relief, I tell you.
And I really am swoon by the gallery concept that Stephanie has,

Have a marvelous monday, you lovely people! Hugs!


Jeanne Selep said...

LOL. When I saw Wisconsin, I nearly choked... I'm in Wisconsin! But after I checked out the gallery website, I think your exhibit is in Pennsylvania, which is a nice part of the USA, but too far for me to visit anytime soon.

vantiani said...

Oh! Really? Thank you so much for letting me know! How stupid of me:D

Stephanie Distler artist said...

Hello talented one!
I just created a post on my blog with links to yours ;)
Wisconsin is actually 20 minutes from my dd and her boyfriend's family are in Madison...that is fun, lol...


vantiani said...

Oh Stephanie!
This is so embarassing!
I must be so excited that I read your address wrong! LOL.
Again, I'm so so proud to be part of your exhibition. Thank you so much!


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