March 17, 2009

me and giveaway: a specially for you!

For the launch of my oval collage tags I have made
a special set of tags for you, all my inspirational readers
and friends outhere. Just leave me a description of your
perfect kind of tags and email on the comments below.
I will draw the winner next Tuesday. Good luck and
thank you so much for join in! Yay!


BOWquet said...

great tags!

niesa said...

i like the numbered b/w face. so mystical!

LittleYellowBirdBoutique said...

I love the comic book tag!

Digital Misfit said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those tags!
My favorite tags would include the one with the head, and vintage anatomical collage tags. These detailed but unusual illustrations are so cool.
I am also a big fan of circle & oval tags over the more common rectangle.

Christina and Joe Waarvik said...

cute! I am a big fan of pirates... It would be great to see some with vintage pirate pictures.

Dee Larson said...

Loving them all! Saw your comment on Nina's blog and thought I would check out your's. Very cool!
I think my love and I may have to do some etsy shopping soon.
Dee :)
(from 'our little love nest')

Naomi Kimhi said...

there so cute tags :-D

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