February 9, 2009

Collage Comrade Column: Sarah Ogren

Sarah, thank you so much for taking this opportunity to be featured on my blog. I am a pretty collage artist therefore I always love to bump into another one especially with such an inspiring techniques, materials and concept. So, let’s start with the interview now shall we?

1.Please tell me a bit about yourself and how you are first finding collage as one of your creative expressions?
I have been creating collage artwork for a little over two years now, but have been involved in art since the time I could hold a crayon. I actually started working in collage after a seven year hiatus from art in my twenties. I earned my BA in Art (general studio with an emphasis in painting) from SIUC and the last semester before graduation I developed problems with the tendons in both of my hands which left me unable to create. Seven years later my hands got better and began drawing and then started creating in collage. I found that collage was the easiest on my hands and I loved the medium so it’s what I’ve been doing since then.

2.Tell me about your creative process in making a collage? Is there any specific ritual or just wait for the inspirations to come or any other way?
I usually wait for the inspiration to hit me. I will sometimes have an idea in mind and other times I just play and let the ideas unfold. I find many of my inspirations in things from the past. Antiques, old books and photographs, nature, etc. are all favorite sources of mine.

3.What kind of materials that you have been using or even try out after all these time? How many of them is actually works and are there any failures?
I use pretty much anything in my work. One of my favorite materials is stencil paste. Stencil paste adds great texture and dimension to my work. There are always many failures. Which I consider to be a good thing since it means that I’m pushing myself and trying new things all of the time. Some of my best ideas came very serendipitously…..happy accidents are an artist’s best friend.

4.Apart from making collages, are there any other craftworks that you make?
I like to dabble in a little bit of everything from art dolls to jewelry. It helps me to keep the ideas flowing if I work in other mediums.

5.Now, let’s talk about selling the craftworks. Does it take a long time for you to decide that you can sell your collages or even actually live out of it?
In my twenties I was terrified to show my work let alone sell it. I was always telling myself, “I’ll show my work when I get just a little bit better”. Then that day would come and I’d say the same thing again. I finally realized that at the rate I was going I would never show my work.
My mom is an artist, who sold her work, so I always knew that it was a possibility. I just needed to find the confidence to take the leap and try. Then I found Etsy. Etsy was a safe way for me to try selling my art. The anonymity of the internet made me feel safe enough to give it a shot. Two years later, I’m supporting myself through my art.

6.I notice that several collage artists are also into making and selling kits and organize workshops. I love doing workshops and hoping to have more next
year. How about you?
Workshops sound like fun, but I really don’t have the time to do them at the moment. I’m currently working on my MA in Art and working as a full time artist. They would definitely be something that I would consider in the future.

7.Have you done any exhibitions? Would you like to tell us what was it like?
My most recent is 12/30/08- 01/30/09 at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago. I’m part of their “Emerging Artists Competition and Exhibit”. I also keep a list of future exhibits, and galleries that I’m a part if on my blog at http://sarahogren.blogspot.com

8.I’ve notice also that there are so many medium where we can put our collages in apart just make them into wall-hanging or ACEO. How about you? What kind of medium that you’ve used or plan to use for your collages?
The thing that I love about collage is that it is applicable to almost any medium. I have created collages on wood, canvas, metal, furniture, etc. If you can glue something onto it, it is perfect for collage.

9.What do you like most about making collages? Is there anything that you don’t like about it?
I tend to be kind of impatient when I have an idea. When I was a painter, I had a horrible time with muddying up my paint because I couldn’t wait for that first layer of paint to dry before I added the next. When I have an idea, I want it out of me and realized as fast as I can. Collage allows me to do this. I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about it.

10.Any last words? And please share us your email, shop, gallery or anything that you would like to share with us.
Email: sarahogren@hotmail.com
Etsy shop: http://sarahogren.etsy.com
Blog: http://sarahogren.blogspot.com


ArtSnark said...

wonderful interview & beautiful artwork!

vantiani said...

Thank you, ArtSnark. I'm glad you love the interview and indeed Sarah's artworks are just so so beutiful:)

Lisa Falzon said...

Oh I ♥ Ogren and came here through a link she provided in her blog. I enjoyed the interview muchly! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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