October 7, 2008

me and fabric shop

This is inside one of the oldest and awesome fabric shop
in this big market in my area that I love to visit at least
once a month. I always, always leaving with something
in my tote from here. From nesting doll, retro kitchen
utensils, oil cloth and of course fabrics or sewing stuff.
I haven't found any other fabric shop that could beat
this one. Thanks to Miss T that introduces me with this
one shop called Esamokan.


Anonymous said...

haa! i saw that middle picture and knew exactly where that was.

JiLL said...


just wondering there this fabric shop is? are there other similar shops in the area?


Aida said...

hai...saw yr blog and would like to know where is the Esamokan fabric shop..i will going to jakarta by end of july (visiting relatives)..and like to visit this shop...hope u can give me the address....

thank you

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